Remote Home Learning FAQs

Are there any plans for teachers to deliver lessons remotely/stream live lessons?

We are trying to ensure that the learning set this term is focused on consolidating and revising skills and knowledge already acquired this year. For some children, accessing live lessons at home won’t be possible and there are some safeguarding requirements that we need to consider. We want to ensure, as much as we can, that our provision is accessible to all. Staff are also working their hours flexibly around their own childcare and family arrangements so live lessons would be tricky for many. We are constantly reviewing and revising and seeing how other schools are overcoming similar barriers and if and when it is appropriate to offer this then we will.

For now, we will point families in the right direction of support being offered by external providers, including lots of resources that we would have been using in school. You will see that the learning plans (which will be shared each Friday ready for the following week) have lots of ideas and activities and give families the flexibility to support their children as and when they can.


How do I organise refunds for events/visits I have paid for that have now been cancelled?

We will be in touch this week with parents who have made payments for future events/visits. All bookings for the remainder of the academic year have been cancelled.

Questions about remote learning:

My child has additional needs – where can I get further support?

At the moment, if you have a question for Mrs Mann (our SENCO), please direct it to the admin emails for the relevant school. Mrs Mann may make contact with you to offer some further ideas and support over this week.

 How will I access the remote learning beyond the packs? Will there be an opportunity to communicate with my child’s teacher? How do we keep in touch? I would like some idea of a timetable of learning for my child, is this possible to have?

At the moment, all queries should be directed to the admin emails or 01793 677471. Parents may be aware that schools are being asked to continue to provide care for a limited number of children so that those who are critical to the Covid-19 response can continue to work. We are running this provision for both schools but from our Ridgeway Farm site. Staff are working on a rota and we have a team of staff off-site working on the remote learning. Someone will answer your query but this may, in the first instance, not be your child’s teacher as some staff will be focused on the onsite provision.

As indicated in previous letters, we will have further learning (beyond the packs) available at the end of the first 5 days of the closure and therefore new learning and resources will be available on the school website from Friday evening (after 5pm) for the following week. Alongside this, we will post ideas for how you might like to structure the learning but only as a guide as this has been requested, we understand everyone is working and learning very flexibly. Next week, we will also provide details of how your children can share their learning with us.