We follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics. This can be found here.

We use the White Rose Maths Mastery Planning to support the National Curriculum planning. Click here to see the Progression in calculations from this scheme.

Wherever possible, a new Mathematical idea is taught through using practical apparatus first. Once a child understands a concept, we teach them how to use pictures to represent their thinking, before moving on to the abstract.

Children are given opportunities to use a range of equipment to learn a new skill. Children are encouraged to develop their speed and recall of number facts.

We use the Mastery approach to Maths – rather than through objectives rapidly we encourage children to deepen their understanding and apply their knowledge to real-life problems.


Please click HERE to access the Mathematics policy.

Please click HERE for the Calculations policy

Please use these links below to support your children with their Mathematics learning:

A Maths working wall.

Problem solving using Ipads.

Adding numbers using base 10 materials and bar models.

Adding using the part whole model.