Class 4 Gallery

We have been exploring The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse this week and today we looked at kindness. We discussed being kind to ourselves, how this is different than being kind to others, how much harder it is to think about how we are kind to ourselves, Random Acts of Kindness and then created our own page in the style of the book – including illustrations.


KS2 Carol Singing

KS2 Nativity Enrichment

Pilates in Class 4

The children have learned a range of poses including: Tree, Rock, Giraffe, Siamese, Mountain, Mountain Top, Pencil Point.

Building the Tallest Tower a STeM activity

Launch of ‘It Starts With a Seed’

Examples of our Home Learning – June 2020

May 2020



First week back at school – September 2019

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