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Sports Day

Class 4 have been exploring the Digestive system, following the journey of food from the mouth, down the oesophagus, into the stomach, where it is mixed with acid, through the small intestines – which we learned were around 7m long(!) through the large intestine and then excreted from the body.

We consolidated our knowledge through a practical experiment using a banana, some crackers, orange juice (to represent stomach acid) water, squishing it together in a sandwich bag (the stomach) through the small intestine (tights) large intestine (tea towel) into a bowl (the body) and then left the body as poo.

Class 4 explored the uses of teeth, and what our teeth are made of. We then created our own mouths out of card and marshmallows, using mirrors to see what teeth we had in our mouths and what they looked like. Some of us had pre-molars, some of us didn’t (usually these appear around 10 years old).

As our Topic Launch for Egyptians, we mummified oranges, learning about the different stages, from scooping out the guts of the mummy, to sterilising it, packing it with Natron and bandaging it properly to stop it from rotting and making sure our mummies are ready for the afterlife!

We have been exploring The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse this week and today we looked at kindness. We discussed being kind to ourselves, how this is different than being kind to others, how much harder it is to think about how we are kind to ourselves, Random Acts of Kindness and then created our own page in the style of the book – including illustrations.


KS2 Carol Singing

KS2 Nativity Enrichment

Pilates in Class 4

The children have learned a range of poses including: Tree, Rock, Giraffe, Siamese, Mountain, Mountain Top, Pencil Point.

Building the Tallest Tower a STeM activity

Launch of ‘It Starts With a Seed’

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