Remote Home Learning

Welcome to our ‘Remote Home Learning’ page. Every week, we will post your new home learning theme and activities on this page. We have tried to suggest activities that do not require a home printer or constant access to a device. The new learning theme and activities will be added on a Friday for the following week. Once the learning is live, click on the week and year groups and this will take you to the information. We understand that lots of you will want extra materials and so every Wednesday we will also upload additional activities that you may want to try. We will also continue to share ideas on our Twitter page that you may way want to access. These again are additional ideas and not the core learning that we are sharing. We also understand that everyone is doing what they can and no one should feel any pressure to complete all of the activities in the week they are set.

Additional Ideas


Week 1 (Week beginning 23rd March)

This week, you have hopefully been working through your pack of work that you collected from school. On Wednesday this week we will release additional ideas here.

Week 1 Additional – EYFS (Reception)    LMCEPS Week-1- EYFS

Week 1 Additional – KS1 (Year 1 & 2)      LMCEPS RFCEA Week-1-Supplementary Ideas-Year 1 2

Week 1 Additional – LKS2 (Year 3 & 4)    LMCEPS RFCEA Week-1-Supplementary Ideas-Year 3 4

Week 1 Additional – UKS2 (Year 5 & 6)    LMCEPS RFCEA Week-1-Supplementary Ideas-Year 5 6


Week 2 – Week beginning 30th March

The theme this week is ‘My Family’.

Week 2 – EYFS (Reception)   LMCEPS RFCEA Week-2-Learning Project- EYFS

Week 2 – KS1 (Year 1 & 2)     LMCEPS RFCEA Week-2-Learning-Project-Y 1 2

Week 2 – LKS2 (Year 3 & 4)   LMCEPS RFCEA Week-2-Learning-Project-Y 3 4

Week 2 – UKS2 (Year 5 & 6)   LMCEPS RFCEA Week-2-Learning-Project-Y 5 6

Week 2 Additional – EYFS (Reception)

Week 2 Additional – KS1 (Year 1 & 2)

Week 2 Additional – LKS2 (Year 3 & 4)

Week 2 Additional – UKS2 (Year 5 & 6)