Hello everyone,

It was so wonderful again to see many of you during our class Zoom meeting. We hope you enjoyed the story and the ABC game.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their learning through the ILD this week. It has been fabulous to see the whole range of activities you have been doing. Some of the things that have been shared include; writing shopping lists, reading storybooks, making lists of as many different sports as you can and some of you have even completed Mrs Baker’s sporty challenge. Fantastic! Why don’t you have a go at this week’s video challenge as well?

This week’s challenge can be found here.

Tricky word of the week

Choose a tricky word you are currently learning. There might be one on your key ring that’s still a bit tricky – if not, pick a common word to try to learn. Keep an eye out for it all week. You might spot it in a book you’re reading or in a book that is being read to you. You might even see it in a newspaper or a magazine. Count how many times you can find the word. Maybe by the end of the week, you’ll be able to read the word really confidently.

Don’t forget to share any news you have or any learning you have been doing through the ILD or the EYFS email address. EYFS@lydiardmillicentceps.org

Stay safe and have fun,

Mrs Baker, Mrs dos Santos and Mrs Ambrose


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