Class 5

reading of “In Flanders Fields” by Year 5

Hello! Welcome back to school! We hope you are ready and excited to begin your time in Year 5. For some of you, it will have been a very long time since you’ve been in school and for others, you were back before the Summer holidays. Whatever your situation and whether you were in school or not, we are really looking forward to getting to know you better and help you learn and grow as a class together.

We hope you have had a nice summer holiday and we look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

We thought it would be nice if you knew something about each one of us before the year started so below you will find an interesting fact about the adults working in your class! During the first few weeks we will be completing lots of activities and games so that we can get to know you too.

Miss Herbert – I love gardening and history. I have been inside Achilles Palace.

Mrs James – I once swam to the bottom of the sea to retrieve a snorkelling mask!

Mrs Darragh – I have been inside a volcano!!

We are so looking forward to seeing you and to start our exciting first topic together.

Miss Herbert, Mrs James and Mrs Darragh

Topic Letters

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