Class 4

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Parent letter

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Welcome Back Class 4! We hope you have had a wonderfully relaxing summer and are ready and raring to go this year. We are so excited to have you back, and have lots of fun learning for you to do!

A little poem from us to you, to welcome you back in all you do:

A new school year, a brand new start,

A year in which we all take part.

So ‘buckle up’ and off we go,

There are so many things to learn and know.


Now that we are in Class 4,

New things to learn, never a bore!

A range of calculations, forms of writing,

Each new term will be so exciting!


I think as a Class 4 clan,

Our motto should be ‘Yes we can!’

So, let’s begin, learn from mistakes,

Just remember, that’s all it takes.


We hope you enjoy this year as much as we do!



Mrs Sharp & Miss Cuthbert